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Is life coaching the right term for what I do? The answer to that is maybe. Perhaps “intuitive counseling” would be a more apt description, though I am not a certified counselor. Either way, this offering is about providing you with tools to unlock your life, to get unstuck, to get brave, to let go, to call in. 

Really, this work is not so different from my nutrition work. We will talk about your goals and strengths, and your hang-ups and doubts, and then we will work from the ground up, implementing tools to help you work toward those goals and let go of those doubts. You’ll do a mix of soul-work, skill building, self-reflection, priority setting, and unburdening. I’ll do a mix of guidance-offering, active listening, homework assigning, and supporting.

This work can be as straightforward as resume building and cover letter writing, as hands-on as crafting scripts or letters for having hard talks with folks in your life, and as deep as you want it to be.

I often use tarot as a method of guiding my coaching work, as it helps to put the work on the right track. If that’s not your jam, we won’t do it! You set the pace, you set the boundaries. This is about your healing, and your comfort is the most important thing.